Introducing 'MCP Network & Vibe' during the pandemic crisis

17 days into the month of March and a true rollercoaster is happening in front of many. During this pandemic crisis, we are introducing our MCP Network & Vibe for everyone to enjoy our original content during the extended free time. Our content is available on YouTube and the main website from genres such as drama, comedy, crime, and mystery.

List of short films and series to binge

Filthy Prelude Season 1 A guy experiences a dreadful love triangle which leads to him expressing his anger in different factors with social media.

Good Time Mondays Season 1 A series of comedic skits that will bring relatable and non-relatable subjects to life.

Black Files Short Film A man struggles to recover his memory, but faces against a thrilling nightmare within.

To Be Frank Short Film

The one-hit-wonder music artist, Bobby Frank visits his hometown to film a music video for his popular single and bond with his siblings.

MCP Network Showcase 2019-2020 The 2nd MCP Network Showcase for artist achievements in 2019 are presented, highlights and sneak peeks for new original content for 2020.

Le Joker Noir Short Film Bobby Frank might be a rapper, but he's taking on an acting role in the new short film "Le Joker Noir". Imagine what his fans and family will think of this

One Last Christmas Short Film Mia and Ryan decide to have one last Christmas with their friends before they leave town. Surprising things happen at the party that makes this Christmas a special one.

The Bad Collection Film Series A film series about living in a cruel world full of good and bad people.

Off The Grid Film Series

A film series about four strangers wake up in an unfamiliar area with an extended world full of man-made crises.

Even though movie theaters and schools are closing, several jobs are stopping, in addition, to people rushing to the grocery store to stock up on items. This is the perfect time to binge-watch different streaming platforms until the world is back to normal while at home.

To begin your free binge-watching moment, visit the sites belong to get started.




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