MCP Network Revamps with a New Mission

Four months into the new year with three newly released films, we have decided to begin the change for the new decade. Today, we are presenting the brand new logo that features “M” & “N” for MCP Network. The original colors remain the same, but adds a different shade of blue representing the creative aspects of the future stories coming.

We have updated our mission statement:

MCP Network produces original content telling compelling stories from true and creative aspects. Short films and mini-series are carefully created for the platform to have an audience from different generations to come together for a variety of stories. We focus on making sure the understanding of quality over quantity is represented as a great example of the growing independent industry. Working as a team and growing together is one of the major essentials we strive for. One person can not do every job in production in order for it to be a successful hit. Different creative individuals must come together, using more than one brain to produce a masterpiece, but also to support one another to make the race an easy one. The company is currently producing original series and short films leading to one day have a full-length television series to air on major streaming platforms. Furthermore, building the company to have our own Houston base studio allowing others to have a spot for their creative mindset with producing content. Having a platform to allow visionaries to showcase their stories from a deeper meaning is how we will function to keep a united film circle. We believe that supporting each other when others discourage us from being our true selves is imperative in this era and industry. There are many untold stories that deserve to be revealed or showcase to a mainstream audience. Others remain silenced, without the ability to share their truth. Here at MCP Network, we believe in providing a platform to share stories that reflect the good, bad, evil, and ugly.

Be sure to stream all of our original new content from drama to mysterious shorts and series.


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