The Bad Collection set for 5 more films this year

The Bad Collection is coming back this year with a few more films to continue the beginning chapter of the series. Too Bad was the recent film to release back in July 2019 as a prequel and sequel to the introduction story, “My Bad” based on “an officer attempting to isolate himself since the shooting death of a black teenager until he is confronted by his partner with questions for the truth”.

Today, we have news to share about the next film, “Bad Intentions” which will now be a 3 part story. One of the reasons an additional part was added to the series is the ultimate ending that will turn the tables for some of the characters and the importance of one particular sequence that the audience needs to witness. Filming begins in March and a release date is scheduled for the spring season. After Bad Intentions 3 Part story, two more films are scheduled to close out the first season which is set to premiere late 2020.

  1. What to expect from Bad Intentions? New characters will be introduced in this chapter of the series. The story will dive deeper into the case of the unarmed teenager who was shot and how the character Henry is really attached to the crime, Sarah's secret of being pregnant by another man, and what will happen to Rick after pulling the trigger on his partner.

  2. When will the film premiere? Since filming begins next month, we are planning to release part one mid-March and have the third part released in May. We are expecting the hype to return to the network since 'Too Bad' dominated the numbers in the first release week.

  3. The Bad Collection Featurette shares the spotlight with the cast about working with the network, celebrities who inspire them and much more.

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