'The Book of Retribution' reboot could surpass the original film series

The new MCP Network film series will premiere this Spring.

One of the newest film series, 'The Book of Retribution' is set to premiere later this season, but the question many are asking is will the reboot surpass the original series from 2015. The original series, 'Retribution' brought over five thousand in viewership in the earlier years of the network, making it one of the highest series to ever premiere. During the five year gap, the network was considering bringing the story back for a much wider audience since the rise in the ratings, but other projects were in production and the story needed to be redefined from the original.

The reboot series will feature original and new cast members such as Fanny Antunez who made her first appearance in 2014. Huberto Villarreal (Off The Grid: Seeking The Truth Remastered) and De'Jaun Pendelton (The Bad Collection) will join her in the series. Back in January, the three actors won the 2020 Showcase for Best Leading Actor & Actress and Best Supporting Actor. This will be the first collaboration with the three winners which makes this one of the highly anticipated series to debut this Spring. The original actors from the original series will also make a debut sometime in the first season.

The new story will definitely differ from the original series by focusing more so on Katherine's full story leading up to a shift to another character's story attached to her. The series will also add a time change, new settings and darker story less compared to the 2014 installment.

Synopsis for the new series, "Katherine Martinez witnesses a murder during a shift at her workplace and granted hush money to keep everything disclosed, but after telling a close friend, she soon finds out hiding is more than she bargains for."

Here are the new projects coming to MCP Network for the Spring season; The Book of Retribution, The Bad Collection, and Could've Been.

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